Why are spinal injuries serious?

March 28, 2024
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A spinal injury occurs when something happens to the spine after some sort of accident or trauma. Spinal cord injuries should be considered very serious because they can cause a loss of movement, chronic pain, loss of control, and in some cases even death. So, why are spinal injuries serious? Give our experienced Decatur spine injury lawyer a call today for a free case review!

Car Accidents Causing Spinal Injury

A car accident could cause an injury to the spinal cord or the surrounding tissues, including ligaments and discs. How bad the accident was can determine the severity of the injury you sustained. Motor vehicle accidents are one of the number one causes of injury to the spinal cord and surrounding area. 

Driving is a part of most of our daily life. You can suffer airbag injuries that have a direct correlation to your spinal cord. Airbag injuries occur due to the force at which an airbag comes out during the accident. If you suspect you suffered such an injury you should not make any sudden movements at the accident scene. This could cause additional injury to you that would've been avoided just by staying still. 


It’s important for people who have been involved in car crashes to get checked out by doctors to ensure they don't have any hidden injuries. Spinal cord injuries can occur even days after the initial injury. Spinal cord injuries often cause severe injury to people and may even lead to permanent disability. The spinal cord is an important part of the human nervous system responsible for relaying sensory signals between the body and the rest of the central nervous system (CNS). It allows humans to feel their lower limbs and move them.

The problem with the spinal cord is that just like other parts of the body, its complex nature makes it hard to fix if damaged by an injury caused by a vehicle crash. Many people end up having permanent damage and have to deal with the consequences for the remainder of their lives.

How to Know You Sustained a Spinal Cord Injury 

A lot of signs that you sustained such an injury include the following:

  • Neck Pain
  • Loss of Sensation 
  • blood clots
  • Loss of body functions
  • Loss of sexual function

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Spinal injuries cause permanent changes in strength, sensations, and other bodily functions below the site of an accident such as:

  • Bowel Control
  • Bladder Control
  • Sensory Function
  • Motor Function

If you've recently suffered an injury to your spinal cord, it may feel like everything in your life has changed. You may experience mental, emotional, and social consequences from an injury. There are a number of different ways you experienced your injury. It could have come from a sports injury with heavy contact like football. Football can cause a lot of traumatic injuries to your spinal cord. If you get hit hard enough in a game that your football helmet was to come off, you could suffer a head injury or neck injury that can run down your spinal cord.

Hopefully, you don't directly injure your spinal cord in these situations. There are a lot of advances in sports medicine that can help rehabilitate you. This is why in sports you always wear protective gear to avoid such injuries. 

Scientists are hopeful that advances in research will one day allow them to restore function to people who suffer from spinal cord injury. There are ongoing research studies around the world. Treating and rehabilitating people who have spinal cord injuries allows them to live independently and leads to their leading productive, independent lifestyles.

You could notice a decline in your quality of life as a result of such an injury. You should seek medical care right away to assess your level of injury. It can be the difference in losing certain nerve signals, loss of bladder, bone fragments being damaged, injury to chest muscles, stiff neck, neurologic injury, and blood vessel damage. 

Everything mentioned above is a sign that you have sustained such an injury and should never be taken lightly as normal everyday back pains. Always use caution when it comes to a potentially serious spinal injury. 

What Methods are Used for Diagnosing Spinal Cord Injuries?

The emergency room doctor will look for signs of life, including respiration, responsiveness, and weakness, as well as check for any injuries. Spinal cord injuries may be diagnosed by emergency medical tests including:

MRI scans produce detailed 3D pictures of internal organs, tissues, bones, and nerves inside the human anatomy. It can show brain and spinal trauma, cervical injuries, nerve roots, ligaments, and any severe injury.


CT scans provide fast, clear 2D pictures of internal organs, bones, and tissue. CT scans can help diagnose conditions such as broken bones, bleeding, and narrowing of the spinal canal.

An x‑ray shows two-dimensional images of most parts of your anatomy, including joints and organs. Any vertebral fractures may be visible within minutes.

These are methods used by medical professionals. It is always the safest option to go with, self diagnosis of a spinal cord injury could lead to you missing out on something fatal. These injuries are very serious and often severe. That's why such serious methods are used to diagnose such an injury. At the immediate time of injury, you should call emergency services so they can asses you on the scene. They will always check your head, neck, and back for any trauma. They can make an immediate assessment of whether or not you have suffered a spinal cord injury in which further testing as mentioned earlier will be done to diagnose your injury. 

When Should I See A Doctor?

If someone has any kind of traumatic brain injury or cervical spine injury, they need to be evaluated by a doctor immediately. Traumatic injuries often result in spinal cord damage, so if someone has been injured by a car accident, for example, they may be suffering from a spinal cord problem. Sometimes it can be difficult to identify a serious spinal injury. If it goes unchecked, a more serious injury can occur. Paralysis and/or numbness can occur immediately or slowly develop over time. The time between an accident and its medical attention can be crucial in deciding the severity of any injuries and whether they're likely to heal completely.

Spinal surgery can also be a factor as to why you suffered a spinal cord injury. Medical malpractice can cause serious damage to your spinal cord. If you are suffering muscle tightness, difficulty breathing after injury, difficulty with certain body movements, organ injuries, and additional damage after surgery, you should seek medical help immediately. 

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You should then seek help from medical professionals and personal injury lawyers. They can help you seek legal options and help with compensation for medical bills from the surgery. There are plenty of rehabilitation services available for those with a healthcare provider. 

Some signs that you need to see a doctor include:

  • Difficulty walking
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Back Pain
  • Posture issues

There are fewer immediate signs that include an increase in blood pressure, muscle weakness, skin sensations, sexual dysfunction, and additional bodily reactions. 

Who Can I Talk to About Spinal Cord Injuries?

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