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Spine injuries can be catastrophic and life-changing. Spinal cord injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, or other traumatic events can be devastating, and they affect every part of a person’s life from social life to mobility and even the sense of independence. The paralysis that might arise from spine injuries will also affect your family members and friends, as they will have to change their lifestyle to support you.

At Marks Law Group, we understand that your immediate focus after going through such a traumatic event is to get your medical bills covered and recover lost wages. For years, our Decatur spine injury lawyer has been committed to helping spinal cord injury victims recover the financial compensation they deserve. Call us today at (678) 251-9309 or chat with us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

What Is a Spine Injury?

Spine injuries occur when a traumatic event damages the cells within the spinal cord or severs the nerves that transmit signals up and down the spinal cord. The most common type of spine injuries includes compression (caused by pressure on the spinal cord) and contusion (bruising of the spinal cord). Other types of spinal cord injuries include lacerations--where the nerve fibers are severed. 

Often, severe spine injury causes complete paralysis, which is the loss of control over voluntary movements and muscles of the body. Also, it causes loss of sensation and reflex function below the level of injury.

warning signs and symptoms of a spinal cord injury following an accident include extreme pressure in your neck, head or back, and severe back pain. Also, numbness, loss of sensation, or tingling in your hands, fingers, feet or toes, is another symptom of spinal cord injuries.


What Causes Spine Injuries?

Spine injuries can result from an infection, a penetrating injury, or a non-penetrating injury. Other causes include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents. A collision between motorcycles, cars, trucks, pedestrians, and/or cyclists can cause life-altering spine injuries. Being thrown from or hit by a car increases your risk of a spine injury.
  • Falls. Slip and falls are one of the leading causes of spine injuries. Certain industries, such as entertainment or construction, might be at greater risk. However, also, a slip down a set of stairs, or a fall from any height can cause devastating injuries.
  • Medical malpractice. An undiagnosed infection can cause spine injury, which can cause paralysis if left untreated. Medication errors, surgical errors, and other delays in diagnosis and treatment may cause spinal cord injury. Also, a misplaced epidural during labor and delivery can cause spinal cord injury.
  • Sports and recreation. Contact sports, including wrestling, rugby, football, are dangerous even for highly trained players. One bad hit, or wrong move, can leave a player disabled.
  • Diving in shallow water. Diving into lakes or off the rocks on the coast can increase your risk of spinal cord injury.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim for My Spine Injury in Atlanta?

If your spine injuries occurred because of another person’s or entity’s negligence, then you’re eligible for financial compensation for any medical expenses, lost income, and other difficulties caused by your injury. But in terms of the value of compensation, you can claim, it varies significantly depending on the severity of your injuries and the circumstances of your case.

In Georgia, part of the compensation for personal injury claims is “general damages,” which account for pain and suffering, and the inconvenience. There are general guidelines as to the value of general damages you can claim depending on the severity of your injuries. But it’s also left on your spine injury attorney to argue and provide evidence of the expenses incurred.

  • For severe spine injuries, general damages range between $240,000 and $320,000.
  • For moderately severe spine injuries, general damages range between $160,000 and $240,000.
  • For moderate spine injuries, general damages range between $30,000 and $160,000.

Also, any financial damages incurred because of the spine injury must be compensated. Severe spine injuries can cause disability and dysfunctional bladder, sexual organs, and gastrointestinal tract. Often, spine injuries cause pain and a reduction in sensation and movement. Even a minor loss of movement and sensation or chronic pain can affect your ability to work. You might lose the ability to perform certain functions of your job.

Other complications from a spinal injury that may affect your income or cost money include:

  • Ongoing rehabilitation or at-home care;
  • Ongoing medical care;
  • Adapting your house to accommodate the limitations of your condition; and 
  • Medications.

These costs may continue for the rest of your life and likely to increase in the future. Your Decatur spinal cord injury lawyer will work closely with medical professionals and financial experts to calculate the ongoing limitations and care you need and the estimated cost throughout your life. 

These economic damages are tangible and easy to prove via past medical bills and expert testimony. Your Decatur spinal cord injury attorney will add these financial losses to your general damages to create a total amount of the compensation to claim. The average compensation that you can expert depending on the severity of your injury is:

  • For severe spine injury, total compensation of $3 million or more could be awarded. 
  • For moderately severe spine injuries, total compensation of $1 million or more could be awarded.
  • For moderate spine injuries, total compensation of up to $1 million could be awarded.


Why Should I Hire a Decatur Spine Injury Lawyer?

After sustaining a spine injury in Atlanta from an accident caused by another person’s negligence, you may recover compensation from the person or entity responsible for that accident. However, you must consult with an experienced Decatur spinal cord injury lawyer as soon as possible before you talk with the person responsible or their insurance company.

An experienced Decatur personal injury attorney will know how to efficiently and professionally review your case, looking for evidence, witnesses, and medical experts. Your spine injury attorney’s job is to show that you were injured, your injury isn’t a pre-existing condition, and it’s a direct consequence of another person’s reckless actions. A spine injury attorney has the expertise and skills to assess the damages of the spinal injury on your life.

Also, hiring an experienced Decatur spine injury lawyer will help you protect your family during your long recovery journey. When you get the compensation you’re entitled to, it’ll also cover family financial burdens, including home modifications, standing frames, and any post-discharge physical or psychological therapy. 

Normally, insurance companies attempt to get personal injury victims to settle for less money than what they’re entitled to. Personal injury lawyers are experienced negotiators who can help you maximize your compensation.

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