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Motorized Scooter Injuries

By Aaron Marks |

A new study published in the American Journal of Otalaryngology has proven that there has been a rise in the incidence of craniofacial injuries and patterns of injury related to motorized scooter use. As the popularity of motorized scooters has grown, so have the safety concerns regarding them. Scooter regulation is also limited due… Read More »

Distracted Driving: Is It Really Getting Better?

By Aaron Marks |

Georgia’s Distracted Driving Law, The Hands-Free Georgia Act, was implemented on July 1, 2017, and according to a new study by the company TrueMotion, which collects data for insurance companies, drivers have actually put the phone down. Or, in the case of many drivers, have put the phone “up” by installing it on their… Read More »

Follow these tips to stay safe while ridesharing

By Marks Law Group, Admin |

South Carolina just became the latest state to pass stricter laws governing ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft, following the gruesome murder of college student Samantha Josephson in March. Josephson mistakenly got into a car that she thought was her Uber outside a bar in Columbia’s Five Points area. She was found dead less… Read More »

Tragedy in Illinois Highlights Risks Associated with NEMT

By Marks Law Group, Admin |

The tragic murder of an elderly Cook County, IL couple by a man they met when he served as their non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) driver is an extreme example of the risks vulnerable seniors and other medically fragile people face from unscrupulous providers, says Atlanta attorney Aaron Marks, who often represents clients injured during… Read More »

People of Color Over-Represented Among Pedestrians Killed

By Aaron Marks |

“In certain places, this disparity is especially stark. In North Dakota, Native Americans are 5 percent of the population, but account for nearly 38 percent of pedestrian deaths.”

Hospitals Seeing Numerous Injuries from E-Scooter Accidents

By Aaron Marks |

Atlanta, like other major cities across the US, has seen an influx of electric scooters in recent months. E-scooters, also known under the names of the operating companies such as Bird, Lime, and Spin, are an inexpensive motorized transportation option that users can easily rent using a smartphone. However, their popularity has come at… Read More »

Massive Rise in Georgia Pedestrian Deaths

By Aaron Marks |

Pedestrian deaths are rising across the nation, and Georgia is no exception. New statistics show that startling numbers of Georgia residents are dying in pedestrian accidents. In addition, hit-and-run accidents have become a major problem in the state and across the nation. Read on to learn more about the problem of pedestrian fatalities and… Read More »

Accident involving Medical Transport Van Results in Death of Passenger

By Aaron Marks |

A recent accident has resulted in the death of a passenger riding in a medical transport van. The fatal accident resulted from the medical transport driver experiencing a health emergency, and serves as an illustration of the need for transportation companies to carefully screen and hire potential drivers. Head-on accident kills woman The recent… Read More »

Transport Company Found Liable for Death of Developmentally-Delayed Passenger

By Aaron Marks |

After the choking death of an unattended passenger with severe intellectual disabilities, a transit company will be forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the deceased person’s family. The victim was Robbie McKenzie, a 56-year- old man who lived in a group home in Lynchburg, Virginia. On the day of the accident,… Read More »

Plaintiff should have hired a NEMT attorney!

By Aaron Marks |

The family of man who died after his wheelchair tipped over, causing him to strike his head, has lost its appeal in a wrongful death lawsuit against a Biloxi nursing home. The state Court of Appeals on Tuesday upheld a Harrison County circuit judge’s ruling to dismiss the case of Sanders Hopkins Sr.’s heirs… Read More »

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