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Wal-mart Negligence

According to the Walmart Litigation Project, which is a collection of cases compiled to educate and facilitate communication about Walmart cases, “Walmart is sued two-five times every day in the United States.” The cases against Walmart are varied, but the most represented type of injury in the ninety-nine cases compiled by the Walmart Litigation Project is slip and fall injuries.

Slip and fall accidents fall within the category of negligent behavior on behalf of the property owner. Negligent behavior on behalf of Walmart has been proven time and time again by cases such as these:

  • An Illinois woman injured her back, arm, and hand after slipping on snow and ice on a Walmart Sidewalk ($117,000 Illinois Award)
  • A Utah woman developed Thoracic Outlet Syndrome after falling in a Walmart parking lot ($281,790 Utah Award)
  • A Louisiana man injured his shoulder after slipping on an unknown liquid substance inside a Walmart store ($23,000 General Damages Award plus documented medical bills)
  • A Florida woman suffered a rotary dislocation of the neck and Temporomandibular injury after slipping on body shampoo in a Walmart store ($1,300,889.95 Florida Award)
  • A California teacher required hip surgery after slipping on liquid soap in Walmart ($839,500 California award)

The case listings in the Walmart Litigation Project, from which these cases and awards were taken, go on.

Slip and Fall Factors and The Element of Surprise

So what kinds of factors typically cause slip and fall injuries in stores like Walmart? The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) lists the following factors as slip and fall risks for employees: spills on walking surfaces; ice, snow, or rain; loose mats or rugs; boxes/containers that may obstruct vision; poor lighting (which affects visibility); and walking surfaces that are in disrepair. For shoppers, obstructed walkways, weather conditions, holes or tears in carpeting/flooring, and recently mopped or waxed flooring can be added to this list.

Shoppers aren’t looking for any of the above fall risks, which means that the element of surprise in a slip and fall accident can contribute to the resulting injury. Because the body is not prepared for the fall, your natural instinct to protect yourself falls by the wayside, which can result in a more traumatic injury than if you knew the accident was coming. Head injuries, including brain and neck injuries, are common with slip and fall, as are bruising and injuries to muscle tissue.

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