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How to Know You Have an Injury Claim in Decatur

Serious injury victims can lead to a variety of physical problems and emotional difficulties. A physically injured person may require multiple visits to doctors' offices, undergo surgery, and take medications to recover. They may suffer from depression, anxiety, or PTSD. In addition, they may experience financial hardship due to lost wages or medical expenses. These issues can be exacerbated if the injury prevents them from working and earning income. If you know you have an injury claim in Decatur, then do not hesitate to contact our compassionate Decatur, GA personal injury lawyer, Aaron Marks, today for a free consultation!

What You Should Do When Filing a Claim

You cannot be sure until you speak to a lawyer who knows about these types of cases. Don't just think that your injury could not have been avoided; don't blame yourself either.

Most injuries aren't accidents; usually, they're caused by someone else's carelessness. If that happens to you, you may be able to recover damages from them under the laws of negligence.

A personal injury claim includes more than just car crashes and falls. You may not know if you have a claim until you speak to an attorney. The most common types of personal injuries are:

woman holding her head after an accident, Know You Have an Injury Claim

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help Give the Answers You Need After an Accident

Personal injury lawyers must be able to show four main points to get their clients compensation. These types of damages include the following:

  • Finding out who was responsible parties for the incident (any additional parties).
  • Showing that they were negligent parties, that is, acting in a manner that could harm someone (footage from cameras/body cam footage/video footage/accident reports).
  • Showing them was negligent did, indeed, hurt you from medical professionals' accident treatment and accurate costs (additional expenses as well).
  • Showing the damage done to the economy and society by an accident from maximum compensation.

To prove any of these claims, we need evidence. We will look for proof that will help us win our case. Naturally, the insurers will do everything they can to prove these four claims false. Choosing an experienced attorney who has had previous successes with similar cases can be critical when dealing with insurance companies. Look for someone who shares your values and priorities, and who will fight hard for you.

Factors Involved With Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Georgia

An experienced personal injury lawyer and a dedicated team of lawyers, paralegals, and legal support staff can help you with the things listed below.

FAQ: What to bring to a consultation with a personal injury lawyer?

  1. An investigation into an auto collision involves gathering evidence, including police reports, investigating camera videos, interviewing witnesses, examining the scene of the collision, reviewing the vehicle’s maintenance records, and consulting with experts. A good personal injury lawyer is also a good investigator who can uncover important details to help prove liability.
  2. You need to determine which party is liable: the at‑fault party may not be the only one that should be held responsible; there might be more at‑fault entities if the person who hit you was driving a truck if he/she was working for an employer, if he/she drove for Uber or Lyft, or if the at‑fault person was intoxicated and had been drinking alcohol from a bar or restaurant. It is important to figure out which additional entities are liable and to notify them appropriately.
  3. You need to collect the documents from your healthcare professional/medical care needed to show your severe injuries and damage for an insurance claim. These include requests and analyses of medical bills, identification of additional medical expenses, documentation of future medical costs, and help you find evidence of lost wages, loss of income, and other economic loss from your medical professionals. The hospital care reports will help. Your healthcare professional will help provide these hospital care reports. If you were incorrectly identified as the driver responsible for the accident, an experienced auto accident attorney can assist you in establishing the correct legal facts, fighting any traffic tickets, and presenting the truth to the insurance companies and to a jury in court.
  4. Communicate and negotiate with the insurer: your lawyer’s team will help you file an official claim with the insurer, and they will take care of everything else so you can focus on healing. Your lawyer will negotiate your claim with them and present you with the most favorable offer of settlement possible.
  5. If you want to sue someone for damages, then hire a personal injury law firm to represent you in court. They will take care of everything from filing the complaint to defending you in court. A good personal injury law firm will keep you informed throughout the entire legal proceedings.

What Type of Injuries Can You Sue For After an Accident?

These injuries are hard to calculate because they're meant to take into consideration how an accident affects a victim's quality of life. There is a difference between injuries and catastrophic injuries. The types of catastrophic injuries and damages may be calculated for accident victims by a commercial vehicle by taking into consideration things like:

personal injury claim, Know You Have an Injury Claim in Decatur
  • Suffering (financial burden from catastrophic injuries)
  • Physical Injuries, Permanent Disability (traumatic brain injury/catastrophic injuries/burn injuries)These injuries have such an extreme effect in both the short term (the victim may be unable to return to work for months) and the long term (they may never fully recover), so they're usually covered under a catastrophic injuries settlement.
  • Lowering Quality Of Life from catastrophic injuries
  • Emotional distress, mental anguish, including anxiety or depressive disorders
  • Deform from catastrophic injuries
  • Losing someone close to you due to an accident, Loss of companionship (wrongful death). As a surviving family member, you may be able to claim for the loss of companionship.

Usually, most of the time, these kinds of injuries can be covered by the at-fault party’s insurance company, but sometimes you might need to file suit against them.

If you've been involved in an accident caused by another person's negligence (drunk driving, traffic law failure/motor vehicle accident) you may not realize just how serious your injuries are until after they've occurred. A good personal injury attorney will help you get fair compensation for your injuries, recover from them, and prevent future accidents from happening.

FAQ: Should I hire a Decatur personal injury lawyer for my claim?

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