Compensation for Lost Wages After a Personal Injury in Georgia

March 28, 2024
Personal Injury

After a car accident or other incident that results in injury, victims are likely to miss work as they go through recovery. In the case where they have obtained injuries from the crash as the result of another person’s irresponsible behavior, they are may be entitled to compensation due to lost wages. Bearing in mind that recovering compensation for lost wages after a collision can be challenging hiring a personal injury attorney to represent is a great move.

If you have lost wages after an injury in Georgia you should get in touch with Marks Law Group at (678) 251-9309 to talk to an attorney during a free initial consultation. Learn about the steps that you can take and the options that you have after a collision from an accident lawyer with extensive experience with personal injury law. 

Can You Recover Losses On Your Own?

You can try and recover losses on your own, however, it will be challenging. Being trial lawyers we have handled some pretty serious cases in Georgia, and the questions that most of our clients frequently ask us include whether we will be able to recover the wages that they have lost due to an injury. It is likely that after an injury due to a serious accident the accident victim will not be able to go back to work for a period of time and for some it becomes permanent and they can never work again.

The lost wages from an income earner can be very difficult for most families that depend on the income from the injured party. The great thing about Georgia laws is that they allow you to recover lost wages for both past and future income among other things that you are allowed to recover.


Also, in Georgia, you will be able to recover the loss of earning capacity. This type of damages means that the accident victim loses their ability to earn their living and in other instances their loss of capacity to work like before.

Why You Will Need a Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer

The Georgia personal injury laws do allow victims to get compensated for the income that they have lost. Even as this is the case it does not mean that the insurance company of the at-fault driver will be willing to pay for your claim. So you can receive reimbursement for your lost wages after a collision there are several steps that you will need to take.

Here are some of the things that you will need to make clear so you can be fully compensated for the loss you have suffered;

  • You need to show evidence of the medical treatment you underwent that go to prove that your injuries were as a result of the car accident.
  • Proof to show that the other driver was sorely responsible for the car crash.
  • Show evidence that you were or are unable to work as a result of the injuries the injuries from the crash.
  • Provide evidence that show that you lost income as a result of being unemployed.

When you walk the path alone without the help of a personal injury lawyer and try to prove that another driver caused the accident it can be challenging. Most of the time an injury victim will not have the resources nor the time needed to investigate a car accident. It can as well be difficult for you to carry out an investigation and gather evidence in the case where you have sustained a type of injury that is serious.

You need a trusted law firm in Georgia that can help you take care of your case. Entrust your case to a law firm that is good at documenting damages, handling investigations, filing insurance claims, negotiating settlements, and as well preserving evidence needed for your case. At Marks Law Group we negotiate settlements for our clients so they can receive maximum compensation for a lost wage claim. However, we are as well ready to file and prepare a personal injury claim so we can protect the legal rights of clients so they can get reimbursement for lost income.

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How to Prove You Lost Wages

Lost wages are in the category of economic damages. What this means is that it is possible for you to place value on what you have lost when you were not working due to an accident injury. Even so, it is essential for you to prove lost wages. You should be happy to know that with the assistance of a great attorney it is quite possible for you to prove lost wages.

What you should do first is to keep track of all the documentation that you have that shows work restrictions. It is important for your doctor to put it in writing that you are unable to work and as well state how long you are restricted from working. Both you and the employer should have a copy of the documentation on record.


Secondly, it is important for you to keep track of your paystubs as well as the missed days from work. You should make a list showing all of the time that you have missed as a result of your injury. Don’t leave out the few hours you missed when you went for doctor’s visits. The paystubs that you have will provide solid evidence of lost wages. By comparing your pay stubs before and after the accident it will be easy to show the amount of wages you have lost in dollars.

In the case where you have been forced to take a long time away from work, the tax records will be able to provide information that is useful in showing lost wages. You should talk to your employer so you can get a lost wages certification. The documents will have exact information on how much time you have missed from work and show what usually is your normal wage.

Get In Touch With Georgia Car Accident Attorney

After suffering a serious or fatal collision it is easy for you and your family to be frustrated as a result of a serious injury or injuries, a huge financial burden due to (medical costs or medical expenses), and even the loss of a loved one. You don’t deserve to suffer as a result of another person’s negligence but yet you are going through hard times.

At Marks Law Group our job is to help accident victims get justice as a result of suffering catastrophic injuries and lost wages as a result of a negligent driver. We have rendered our help to the people of Georgia when they wanted to file a car accident lawsuit after a drunk, distracted, or negligent driver caused the collision and we can help you too. Get in touch with us at (678) 251-9309 and schedule an initial consultation.