Understanding Bicycle Accidents in Georgia

March 28, 2024
Personal Injury

Cycling can be risky, as bicycle accidents in Georgia are common and can have serious consequences. To prevent bike accidents, bike riders should wear proper safety gear, use the bicycle lane, and obey traffic laws. Make sure you're visible to other vehicles.

If an accident occurs, seek medical attention and call 911. Exchange information with other parties and take pictures if possible. Contact a personal injury attorney to understand your legal rights and remedies.

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You Have to Know the Rules of the Road

To stay safe while riding a bicycle in Georgia, it's important to know the rules of the road. Cyclists must follow the same traffic laws as motor vehicle drivers, such as stopping at signs and signals, yielding to pedestrians, riding with the flow of traffic, and using bike lanes. At night or in low-light conditions, cyclists must have both front and rear lights.


However, cyclists in Georgia do not have the same rights as vehicle drivers. Bicycle laws state that they cannot pass vehicles on the right, they must maintain a safe distance and must yield to all vehicles before entering an intersection. Cyclists should remain on the right side of the road on a bike path, except when making a left turn. By following these rules and staying alert, cyclists can reduce their risk of accidents.

Duties Georgia Motorists Have Toward Bicycle Riders

When it comes to bicycle accidents in Georgia, motorists have certain duties they must abide by. This includes yielding the right-of-way to bicycle riders, providing adequate space when passing cyclists on the road, and following all traffic laws. Here’s a closer look at motorists’ responsibilities when it comes to sharing the road with cyclists:

Yield Right of Way: Motorists must yield the right-of-way to cyclists when they are approaching or crossing an intersection. Additionally, motorists must come to a complete stop if a cyclist is entering the roadway from a driveway, bicycle path, alley, or parking lot.

Provide Space: When passing cyclists on the road, Georgia motorists must provide at least three feet of clearance between their vehicle and the cyclist. This ensures that cyclists have enough space to maneuver safely.

Follow Traffic Laws: Just like cyclists, automobile drivers must follow all motor vehicle traffic laws when sharing the road with cyclists. This includes obeying speed limits, using white lights in headlights, and other traffic signs. Additionally, motorists should use their turn signals when changing lanes or making turns, so that cyclists can anticipate their next move.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Motorists' negligence is the main cause of bicycle accidents. This negligence can result in serious injuries or death for cyclists. Negligence can take the form of forcing a cyclist out of their lane or failing to yield when entering an intersection. If a motorist is the fault party and causes an accident, the injured party can receive compensation for different types of damages. Common types of compensatory damages are property damage, nerve damage, broken bone damage, and quality of life damage.


Drivers must maintain three feet of clearance when passing cyclists. They should always check for cyclists before turning, merging, entering intersections, making turns from side streets and driveways, and exiting parking spaces. Failing to do so can be devastating for riders.

Causes of Bicycle Accidents When the Rider is at Fault

Bicycle riders are responsible for their safety. If they get into an accident, the rider may be at fault. Common causes of bicycle accidents include not obeying traffic laws and being inattentive or reckless while riding. Running red lights, riding on the wrong side of the road, and failing to yield when making turns are all examples of not obeying road laws. Cyclists must always be alert and ready to take evasive action if necessary.

Whose Fault Is It?

In cases of collisions between bicycles and motor vehicles, the fault may be disputed. Certain drivers may attempt to shift blame onto the cyclist to evade accountability, while others may simply refuse to accept responsibility. Insurance companies have also been known to shift blame to the cyclist.

Cyclists need to know Georgia's bike laws. In Georgia, cyclists are considered vehicles and have the same rights as cars on public roads. Motorists who don't treat cyclists as equals break Georgia bike laws. Cyclists can use this information to prove they're not at fault, even if others try to blame them.

Treat it Like a Car Accident

When you’re involved in a bicycle collision in Georgia, the best approach is to treat it like any other car accident. There are many similarities between a car and a bicycle accident that can help guide you through the process of filing a claim and recovering damages.

First, if you were injured as a cyclist in an accident involving a motor vehicle, seek medical care from a medical provider right away regardless of the type of injury or how minor your injuries may seem. Second, remain at the scene and exchange contact information, and their license plate number with the other driver. Third, gather evidence to support your case such as photos of the accident scene, police reports, medical records, and any witness statements.

Go to the Emergency Room

Getting into a bicycle accident in Georgia can be a very frightening experience. In the event of an accident, it is important to go to the emergency room immediately for medical attention. This is especially true if you are experiencing any type of pain and suffering or discomfort, as some injuries may not be immediately apparent. Getting immediate medical attention can help ensure that all your injuries are properly treated and documented, which can be important if you decide to pursue a bicycle accident claim.


If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident road crash in Georgia, the first thing you need to find out is if the driver of the vehicle who struck you has insurance coverage. If they are not, you may face an uphill battle when it comes to seeking compensation for your injuries due to underinsured motorist coverage. Uninsured drivers are much less likely to have enough money to pay for damages associated with their accidents.

Luckily, Georgia has a Motor Vehicle Accident Reparations Act which requires all drivers of cars to carry insurance. This provides uninsured cyclists with some protection if they’re injured in a reckless driving accident with an uninsured driver.

Catastrophic Bicycle Accident Injuries

Catastrophic injuries caused by bicycle accidents can be life-altering and often lead to permanent disabilities. These accidents are likely to cause some of the most serious types of harm a bicycle accident victim may experience, including traumatic brain injury, head injuries, loss of quality of life due to emotional distress, spinal cord injury, dislocated joints, paralysis, memory loss amputation, and death.

The most common causes of catastrophic bicycle accidents in Georgia involve motor vehicles. A driver’s negligence or recklessness can cause a cyclist to suffer serious injury. Common causes of catastrophic bicycle accidents include:

Negligent drivers running red lights or stop signs

Drivers who fail to yield the right-of-way

Speeding drivers

Drunk drivers and drivers driving under the influence of drugs

Distracted drivers

Aggressive drivers

When you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, you may be entitled to pursue financial compensation from the at-fault driver. You may have a claim for your medical expenses for severe injury, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. Contact an experienced bicycle accident lawyer to see how their legal team can help you claim for bike accident injuries.

Keep Yourself Safe

Bicycle accidents in Georgia can cause serious injury or death, making it important to take precautions while riding. Most accidents involve collisions with motor vehicles, making it important to follow road rules and be aware of your surroundings. To stay safe, wear a helmet and bright clothing, wear protective clothing to avoid road rash, use hand signals, and yield to pedestrians. Following these tips can avoid accidents and stay safe on the road.


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