Warning Signs a Dog May Bite

May 13, 2024
Personal Injury

Dog bites can be a traumatizing experience for everyone involved. From the owner of the dog to the person who receives the bite, it is difficult to process for everyone involved.

Although you can receive compensation for a dog bite and there are legal consequences, the best course of action is to simply avoid the bite from the beginning. 

To help you understand the most common dog caution signs, we have written this article on signs that a dog may bite so you can avoid these types of situations.

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Learn the Warning Signs

To avoid a potential dog bite, it is important to learn about dog body language and the potential bite warning signs that you may be able to detect. Understanding these signs can help to prevent you from being injured and potentially save a dog's life. 

There are multiple obvious signs that a dog may be prone to biting at that moment. 

Direct Eye Contact

One sign of aggression is direct eye contact from the dog. This is especially true if you can see the whites of the dog's eyes as this is a sign of anxiety. If you see a dog exhibiting this sign, it is best to give them space and wait for their body language to relax before getting any closer. 

Facial Expression

If the dog is pulling its lips back to expose its teeth this is a clear sign that the dog is most likely aggressive. Another facial expression that you can look for is the position of the dog's ears. If the ears are pinned back to the head, this means that the dog is fearful, making it more likely to bite.

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Rigid Body Posture

A stiff body can signal that a dog is aggressive and that there could be an impending bite coming your way. 

Tail Position

A stiff tail held high is another one of the common signs that a dog could be about to bite. This signals that the dog is extremely focused which, in the right context, can lead to aggression. 

Raised Hackles

One of the most common dog bite signs is raised hackles. This means that the hair along the back of the dog's neck and spine is standing on end. 

a distressed barking dog

Predatory Behavior

Predatory behavior is another facet of dog aggression but is rarely directed toward humans. Instead, predatory behavior usually occurs when there is a smaller animal or human child, and the dog's instinct to hunt and kill the smaller creature kicks in. 

There are some confusing signs for this because a lot of the common warning signs for predatory behavior are the same as excitement. A telltale sign is a wagging tale combined with an intense stare and rigid body posture.

Stressful Situations

Anytime that a dog is placed into a stressful situation, there is the potential for bite attacks. Examples of common stressful situations are visits to the vet, the dog park, anywhere with loud noises, chaotic environments, and anywhere where there are children. 

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Territorial aggression is another common issue that leads to dog bites. If a dog is eating or holding their toy and you try to take it from them without being familiar with the dog, this can lead to territorial aggression. 

Pet Owner Responsibility in Dog Bite Cases

In the state of Georgia, the owner of the dog is responsible for covering your medical bills for the dog bite. However, if your dog was bitten and required medical attention they will not be considered part of your medical bills from the incident. This is because, in the state of Georgia, dogs are considered personal property and cannot be part of a personal injury case. 

If you want your dog's vet bills to be covered, it is recommended to speak with an experienced lawyer about the legal options that you might have in your situation. 

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