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Sleeping Non-Emergency Medical Transport Driver Causes Emory Bus Crash

 Several people were injured, one critically, after a Non-Emergency Medical Transport driver fell asleep at the wheel, went through a red light, and hit an Emory University bus, causing it to crash into a building at Candler Rd. and Glenwood Road Tuesday morning.
DeKalb County police say the Non-Emergency Medical Transport driver admitted to falling asleep at the wheel.  The Non-Emergency Medical Transport driver was cited for running the red light.
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Captain Eric Jackson with DeKalb County Fire Department said at least 10 people were transported to local hospitals, including the bus driver, who is said to have the most serious injuries and was listed as critical. The damage to the bus and ambulance is extensive.

Jackson said firefighters had to assist riders out of the bus but said everyone was able to exit. There were 15 people on the bus during the accident.

The building the bus careened into houses the ATC income tax company and 360FIXX.

According to Emory University, the “Emory shuttle” was heading from a Park and Ride location at South DeKalb Mall and was transporting Emory employees and students when it was struck just after 6 a.m.

For a time, the entire area was shut down.

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