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Doraville is a suburb ten miles northeast of Atlanta, adjacent to cities like North Druid Hills and Chamblee. Until the 1940s Doraville was primarily agricultural. But after the Second World War General Motors selected Doraville as its home for an assembly plant. Despite the plant closing in 2009 Doraville is still thriving. It is a great place to live.

Practicing Personal Injury Law in Doraville

The rate of crime may be low in Doraville, but local families and single professionals are entitled to a sense of security when they are on the road, in the shops, or at work. Our law provides legal services to the whole Atlanta area, specializing in the most common types of accidents and injuries.

Drunk Driving Accidents

According to a 2008 survey by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 416 fatal auto accidents in Georgia where intoxication was the leading cause. The highest percentage of these accidents occurred in counties like Gwinnett and DeKalb, where so many families have settled comfortably. Doraville personal injury attorneys at Marks Law Group, LLC has experience when it comes to handling drunk driving cases and aggressively protecting the rights of victims who experience injury or wrongful death as a result.

Spinal Injuries

More than 200,000 people across the US are forced to live with spinal cord injuries, while millions of dollars are spent every year on medical treatment and rehabilitation. Even safe neighborhoods like Doraville are still subject to severe motor vehicle collisions, slip and fall accidents in stores, and workplace injuries. This kind of pain and suffering should not reduce someone to be a victim for the rest of their life. Our spinal cord injury attorneys are here to listen to your concerns and to negotiate with insurance companies and negligent parties to get you the medical care that you deserve.

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If you have been injured or know someone who has, do not hesitate to put your case forward and hold the negligent party accountable. Do not let an accident make you a victim for life. The Marks Law Group, LLC is ready to listen to your case. Our Doraville personal injury lawyer offer a free initial consultation and will visit any client unable to leave their home or the hospital.

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