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The Georgia International Convention Center, a state-of-the-art facility, is owned and operated by the City of College Park. This facility is the second largest exhibit and meeting place in the state of Georgia. The convention center is adjacent to the Hartfield-Jackson International Airport (which has been said to be world’s busiest airport). Residents and visitors of College Park, GA, can enjoy its quaint downtown area. With an average of 217 sunshine filled days a year, many locally owned bakeries and fine dining restaurants to choose from who wouldn’t want to visit?

Practicing Law in College Park

College Park has one of the highest crime rates in Georgia. Because of this, College Park personal injury lawyer at Marks Law Group, LLC is dedicated to help protect the safety and legal rights of the local residents. If you are in need of a professional College Park personal injury attorney contact our law office today. We are here for you.

Workplace Injuries in College Park

Many College Park residents belong to the service industry; as such, they are entitled to the peace of mind that comes from working in a safe, clean, and secure environment. However, over 4,000 people across the US were injured in the workplace in 2010. If you want to get compensation for steep medical bills and lost wages, talk to one of our College Park personal injury attorneys. We will get you the coverage you need and make a strong personal injury case for your company’s negligence.

Wrongful Death in College Park

Any accident that results in someone’s death—whether it is in surgery, on the road, or in the shopping mall—is one that can often be traced back to someone else’s negligence. Because of the decrease in violent crime in the Atlanta area, this is a more likely risk for College Park residents. Let us give you the comfort and benefit of our practiced wrongful death lawyers who can handle your case with dignity, and help you secure the end-of-life benefits and financial security you deserve.

Get Legal Help Today

If you have been injured or know someone who has, do not hesitate to put your case forward and hold the negligent party accountable. Do not let an accident make you a victim for life. Marks Law Group, LLC is ready to listen to your case. We offer a free initial consultation and will visit any client unable to leave their home or the hospital.

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