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Non-Emergency Medical Transport Radio Interview

Recently I had the pleasure of discussing Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) with fellow attorneys Stephen D. Apolinsky, Sarah R. WatchkoJeffrey S. Warncke, and Nathan E. Woody.

Stephen D. Apolinsky deals with NEMT in the context of nursing home abuse. When Mr. Aplolinsky investigates whether nursing home abuse has occurred he examines who the patients caretakers are, up to and including the NEMT provider. Often nursing home patients cannot advocate for themselves, and need attorneys such as Mr. Apolinsky to advocate for them. When patients are transported from the nursing home to and back from their medical provider, dialysis, or the hospital, NEMT employees are responsible for their safety. When patients are injured by NEMT negligence it is not uncommon for the NEMT employees to blame the nursing home where the patient resides, and not accept responsibility.

Attorney Sarah R. Watchko represents individuals seeking legal advice concerning estate planning and administration, as well as elder law and special needs planning. Ms. Watchko’s clients often find either themselves or a family member participating in NEMT as a patient. Clients may seek Ms. Watchko out to plan for their estate before they become unable to function properly or make administrative decisions. Often Ms. Watchko’s clients take NEMT to and from medical appointments, and are unable to best determine which, if any, NEMT companies to engage with.

What does an insurance customer do who is being treated unfairly by his insurance company? If the customer is smart he’ll seek out the legal advice of attorney Jeffrey S. Warncke. Mr. Warncke protects individuals and families from unscrupulous insurance companies victimizing them a second time. Attorney Warncke interacts with NEMT companies if his client needs transportation to or from a medical provider. Because the NEMT is so entwined with Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance, Mr. Warncke is well versed dealing with the various entities.

Nathan E. Woody, a widely respected Georgia and South Carolina worker’s compensation attorney, utilizes NEMT for his clients to go to and from their medical providers. Because of attorney Woody’s experience his clients are often treated better, and have a better outcome, than many other worker’s compensation claimants.  NEMT for worker’s compensation is usually paid for by the employer’s worker’s insurance company, and that insurance company employs a NEMT broker to hire the actual NEMT provider. If the NEMT provider acts negligently and injures the worker’s compensation claimant, not only is the NEMT provider liable, but so might be the NEMT broker, for the reason that the broker likely required certain training and expertise from the NEMT provider, and selected the provider from other providers based on individual experience, safety record, and training.

Above are just some of the various attorneys who deal either directly or indirectly with NEMT. It is a vast industry that touches many parts of the law, and will continue to do so in the future.

Aaron M, Steve A, Sarah W, Jeff W, Nathan W, & Emily R (Host)

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