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Non-Emergency Medical Transport Business Denied

Recently  the  Mobile City Council denied TLT Transport LLC a license to operate Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services in the city of Mobile, Alabama. The stated reason was lack of a written partnership agreement between TLT and the local ambulance service, and failure to have a physical presence in the city itself. While these requirements may seem like unnecessary, bureaucratic paperwork, they are a patient safeguard that is vitally important.  NEMT’s operate by transporting medically fragile patients to and from their medical providers. Almost by definition these patients cannot advocate for themselves, especially when it comes to safely transporting them. Because of these circumstances the Mobile City Council did the right thing by denying TLT’s license.  The community obviously needs these services, but the Mobile City Council put safety before convenience. Unless the business owner takes the procedures and safety of his clients seriously, injuries, and even accidental deaths, are a very real possibility. There needs to be a culture and expectation that safety is the first and most important priority. TLT Transport LLC needs to begin their relationship with the Mobile City Council by exceeding expectations.

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