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NEMT Owner Accused of Sexual Assault

Central Florida Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) company owner, Shannon Heathcock, is accused of sexualy assaulting his own employee. Christina Inness, a former employee of NEMT company DASH, claims Heathcock forced himself on her after a long night of drinking at a local bar. Inness says Heathcock took advantage of her while she was passed out from alcohol Heathcock provided. This accusation is particularly alarming because of the business DASH is involved in.

NEMT is the transportation of elderly, sick or disabled patients to and from attending doctors’ appointments and non-emergency medical treatment. Because these patients are, by definition, medically fragile, the persons transporting them need special training, background checks, and drug testing, at a minimum. Unfortunately this often does not happen, resulting in catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths. 

Perhaps the most disturbing development of this story is that Heathcock has allegedly transferred his company to his wife, thereby shielding his assets from Inness and any potential litigation. Heathcock has denied all allegations against him.

NEMT Employer Assaults Employee

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