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LogistiCare Thrives in the Dark

Logisticare has recently benefited from MaineCare awarding it a very large, potentially very lucrative contract to broker non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) for several Maine counties. MaineCare is the department within the state of Maine responsible for transporting Medicaid recipients to and from their medical providers on a non-emergency basis. MaineCare does not actually provide the transportation, but hires a broker to contract that service out. The broker, for example Logisticare, is then paid a fee to organize, quality control, and coordinate the actual NEMT providers. Logisticare doesn’t own the vehicles, but controls what NEMT companies can transport MaineCare members.

The broker responsibilities are huge, as is the potential for harm. If the broker does not do an adequate job screening NEMT providers, making sure proper training is being done, and making sure all regulations are followed, MaineCare members could be injured, or even killed, due to untrained or unprofessional NEMT providers.

This is why it is so distressing to learn that Logisticare has been awarded these contracts without a transparent process. It has not been transparent because neither the past broker contract, or the current broker contract, has been available to the general public for inspection. The broker contract should specify exactly what kind of training, supervision, and oversight is required. If this is not known, it is impossible to hold Logisticare responsible for any deviation from those requirements.

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