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Hospitals Seeing Numerous Injuries from E-Scooter Accidents

Atlanta, like other major cities across the US, has seen an influx of electric scooters in recent months. E-scooters, also known under the names of the operating companies such as Bird, Lime, and Spin, are an inexpensive motorized transportation option that users can easily rent using a smartphone. However, their popularity has come at a price, with numerous riders suffering serious injuries such as brain trauma. Learn more about e-scooter accidents below, and contact a seasoned Atlanta brain injury attorney if you or someone you love has been seriously injured in an accident.

E-Scooter companies hitting cities across the country

E-scooter rental companies are a relatively new phenomenon, but one that has quickly boomed in popularity. The first e-scooter rental company, Bird, began offering e-scooters for rent in Santa Monica, California in September of 2017. The company elected not to seek out permits or notify local officials before making their e-scooters available to rent, and they’ve followed a similar strategy in other cities. As a result, law enforcement and city workers have been blindsided by the sudden influx of fast-moving electric vehicles on city streets, depriving them of the opportunity to create safety rules governing the vehicles’ behavior or warn drivers and pedestrians of the presence of these vehicles.

Hospitals flooding with scooter accident victims

The scooters arrived in Atlanta in May of this year and have already become the subject of criticism and calls for regulation. Riders can locate and rent an e-scooter using a smartphone app, where they will pay a nominal hourly rental fee and mere cents per mile traveled. The scooters can be left anywhere, rather than needing to be returned to a storage or charging dock. While the scooters are convenient, they hold the potential to be very dangerous. Few riders comply with the rental companies’ strong recommendation to wear a helmet while riding, which leads to a high risk of traumatic brain injury. In August of this year, one Cleveland woman was killed while riding an e-scooter at night, and hospitals across the country are reporting that hundreds of people are coming in with broken bones or lacerations resulting from scooter accidents.

Accident victims struggling to get injuries covered

In a piece published by CNN, an Atlanta doctor specializing in rehabilitation and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) described his concern over the lack of safety regulations governing the use of these vehicles. He described his work at Atlanta’s Shepherd Center with the victim of an e-scooter accident, explaining that the patient’s life would be on hold for months while they recovered from the severe TBI they suffered after getting hit by a car while riding an e-scooter without a helmet. Obtaining reimbursement through insurers for these accidents can be difficult. Some victims of e-scooter accidents have claimed that both their health insurers and auto insurers have denied coverage, arguing that accident victims should obtain coverage from the other insurer. Accident victims should speak with seasoned Atlanta personal injury attorneys about their legal options after an e-scooter accident.

If you’ve been injured in a Georgia e-scooter accident and need seasoned help in seeking the money you deserve for your injuries, contact the Atlanta personal injury law offices of the Marks Law Group for a no-cost consultation at 404-939-1485.

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