Georgia Police Injury Lawyer

March 28, 2024
Personal Injury

According to our civil rights, you should be protected from all manner of abuse from the government and this is inclusive of police misconduct.  When your rights have been violated by the police you can call on a Georgia police injury lawyer from Marks Law Group to represent you and ensure that your rights have been preserved.

Police brutality can be defined as what happens when an innocent individual gets harmed, or dies during an arrest, police search, or any other encounter with the police. Federal laws prohibit law enforcement officers from depriving an individual of the rights that they are given by the constitution. One of the rights that is mostly at stake when the police are involved is the right to be free from excessive force.

If you have been harmed by police and want to get started book your free initial consultation with our personal injury lawyer talk to a team that cares and let us discuss the legal options available.  

Common Types of Injuries Police Can Cause

Police officers just like any other person can make mistakes. It means that a law enforcement officer can commit a reckless, wrongful or negligent act. Below are some of the most common types of injuries that police officers are likely to cause.

Car Accidents During a Chase

In the US motor vehicle accidents that occur as a result of a driver fleeing from the police kill an average of one person every day and that includes more than one hundred and fifty innocent bystanders every year.

The common injuries that occur and our car accident lawyers can help with include:

  • Loss of limbs
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Permanent disability
  • Paralysis
  • Fractures

As a result of getting these injuries, an individual accrues huge medical bills and loss of wages. Also, they go through pain and suffering, and physical and emotional pain.

Bites From Police Dogs

Police use dogs to conduct searches and as well for protection. There are law enforcement officers that release police dogs on innocent individuals. Bites from dogs can result in serious injuries and even end up disfiguring an individual's face which can lead to them requiring correction surgery which can be expensive.

Use of Excessive Force

Law enforcement officials can be considered to be using excessive force if they use unreasonable violence when they are investigating a crime, making an arrest, or investigating a crime. The brutality can result in individuals incurring serious injuries and at times it can even result in the death of a civilian.


What to Do If You Are Injured By the Police

One of the main questions that most people have in their minds after they have gone through police brutality is if anyone will believe their word over the word of the police officer. You may also wonder if it is possible for you to make a fair recovery if your injury was caused by a law enforcement officer.

To be honest, it can be challenging to get fair compensation after you were hurt by a law enforcement officer after they used excessive force on you. Even so, you should be aware of the fact that you do have legal rights. Also, you should know that police brutality is against the law and you can definitely do something to protect your rights as a civilian and to get fairly compensated.

Police officers have a duty to get medical assistance to people that have been injured as long as it does not pose a danger to them. Even so, police do not always get help to injured individuals. If you are in the custody of the police after getting hurt and you are not offered first aid you can call 911 you can dial 911 or ask to be taken to a doctor so you can get medical assistance. If it is possible make a note of when you asked to get medical attention and who you asked.

Make Sure to Document Everything After the Police Brutality Incident

Make sure to document as much information as you can. You can document information such as;

  • All details pertaining to the officer that hurt you. That is their name, badge number, the police department, and any other necessary information.
  • Note the police officer that witnessed the incident and get their information.
  • The name and contact info of the individuals that witnessed the brutality.
  • Take pictures of your injuries
  • Make note of when, where, and what time the incidence occurred.

Any other evidence available such as pictures or a video recording that have been taken by witnesses, the police, business or home nearby can help if you would obtain it.

Preserve Available Evidence

Even though video evidence and other forms of evidence are available it is necessary for you to take immediate legal action so you can prevent the police or the property owner from deleting the video. When you hire an attorney they can provide all of the relevant parties with a notice that will prevent them from getting rid of the evidence.

Can an Officer Be Granted Immunity For Your Injuries?

The legal doctrine of immunity is put in place so as to protect state, federal, and local government officials add includes police officers. This means that even if an officer acts in bad faith it is possible for them to qualify for immunity for as long as a different officer possibly made the same mistake.

How Our Firm Can Help

At Marks Law Group we understand that a legal case that involves the police can be intimidating. As a firm, we welcome the challenge and we are ready to protect your rights. As a victim of police brutality, our personal injury attorney can take on your police injury case and fight for you to get fair financial compensation.