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The Alarming Rate of Georgia Car Accident Statistics

Most people take for granted how they can drive to and from work without getting into a car accident. That is not the reality for most people living in the state of Georgia. In Fulton county, motor vehicle accidents are prevalent. Many people have been involved in motor vehicle accidents in Georgia and gotten hurt, while some have ended up losing their lives. Some residents obtain injuries after the accidents that end up scaring them for life, and they are left with huge medical bills.

This is why you would need a car accident lawyer working on your case if you have been in an accident. Car insurance companies can be adamant when it comes to giving you the compensation you deserve. However, it is nothing we have not dealt with before.

A personal injury lawyer help lighten the burden by giving you legal representation. The medical expenses you have incurred may be taking a toll on you, but we are here to help you with that. The compensation you receive will help things ease up. You will be able to pay for medical bills accrued and other expenses acquired as a result of the accident. Let's take a closer look at some interesting Georgia car accident statistics.

How Common Are Car Accidents In Georgia?

According to the National highway traffic safety, Fulton County has been ranked number one in Georgia in terms of fatal motor vehicle accidents. It has recorded high road deaths and fatal accidents. One of the reasons the fatal crash rate is high could be the fact that the area is highly populated.

According to NHTSA, traffic deaths in the whole nation in the year 2018 were 36560. The crash death rates have seen a decrease of 2.4 percent decrease compared to the year 2017. Even though the rate of traffic deaths has decreased in Georgia, there has been an increase of pedestrian deaths. During the past five years, pedestrian death has increased by 60%. In 2018, two hundred and sixty-one pedestrians lost their lives. The fatality rate is higher compared to 2017 where 253 pedestrian fatalities were recorded.

Traffic accidents can happen to anyone regardless of what they are driving. Here is a list of several fatalities that have occurred and the types of vehicles that were being used.

  • A personal vehicle – 583
  • Pickups – 216
  • Van – 39
  • Big trucks – 33
  • Bus – 4
  • Utility truck – 210

Here is another list of types of crashes and fatalities caused

  • Personal vehicles – 857
  • Over speeding – 266
  • Vehicles rolling over – 402

There are a lot of statistics to show that accidents do happen and are happening every day in the state of Georgia.

Georgia car accident statistics - Infographic

What You Should Do After Getting Into an Accident

After you get into an accident, there are a few things that you want to ensure you do.

Start by visiting your doctor. Most people do not realize that they have been injured immediately after an accident; they realize they have an injury later on. However, you should analyze your body after an accident and visit the doctor. The doctor will note down everything you are feeling, and they will be precise about the cause of the injury. While talking to the doctor, you want to be as clear as possible.

Listen to your doctor's advice. The doctor may instruct you to go and get further tests. Do as you are told. If you can notice a problem with your body earlier on, you will get treatment and prevent a life-threatening situation. Visit specialists and complete any treatment that you have been put on. If, after treatment, your condition has not improved, go back to the doctor.

Use your camera to take pictures of the injuries you have obtained from the accident. You can use your phone's camera to take pictures.

After an accident, there should be a police report. Make sure to obtain a copy of a police report if you can.

Before talking to an insurance company or giving any statement, contact a car accident attorney. We would love to hear from you. This is our expertise, and we would love to help.

Call a professional injury attorney in Decatur and consult. 

It is your duty to report the accident to your insurance company. You do not give them a detailed report of what happened. However, they should know the place where the accident happened and who the vehicle occupants were.

It is important to keep details about the accident off of your social media page. When you post pictures of the accident or detailed reports about the accident, it could be used against you.

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help

When a car accident attorney take up your case they want to prove that the accident happened due to negligence. One of the major causes of car accidents is distractions while driving and another one is reckless driving that can be caused by a drunk driver. If the distracted driver who caused the accident was on the phone when the accident occurred, it is seen as negligence on their part. The role of your attorney is to prove that it happened.

Expert accident attorneys can prove that negligence really did happen, here are a few things that they will consider.

georgia car wrecks

Injuries Obtained During the Accident

Insurance companies will go through your health records or anything else at the scene of the accident that can discredit you. They will blame the injuries you have on previous accidents you have had and even try to pin the blame on you. They will do everything to esnure you do not get your insurance coverage. We have knowledge about the science and medicine concerning your injuries, and we will be able to prove their cause.

Damages As a Result of the Accident

Your car accident lawyer will be able to show the distress you have suffered as a result of the motor vehicle crashes and get you compensated.

They will as well consider;

  • The duty of care
  • The breach of the duty of care

Life after an unforeseen traffic fatalities can be tough and expensive, especially with the pilling up of medical bills. Call us for a consultation, and let us review your case. Marks Law Group serves injury victims in the Atlanta area including Decatur. Talk to us today!

Marks Law Group also serves several surrounding areas, for more information call an experienced Stone Crest car accident attorney today!

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