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Eighteen Wheeler Accidents in Georgia

Trucks, tractor trailers, eighteen-wheelers, big rigs, and semi trucks are common sights on the interstates around Georgia, particularly in Atlanta where traffic and congestion often lead to sitting in traffic right beside one of these trucks. Unfortunately, the number of trucks traveling the roadways correlates to the number of accidents that congest our interstate arteries. Trucking accidents even have their own category in terms of crash type and fatalities involved. Consider this table containing information from 2012-2016 from the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety:

As the table shows, the rate of fatalities involving large trucks increased every year until 2016, when it only decreased slightly. The Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety concludes that “in 2016, there were 15.5 serious traffic injuries in Georgia for every 100 million vehicle miles traveled.” It’s clear from the above table that trucking plays a large part in motor vehicle accidents in our state even though commercial truck drivers are regulated by state and federal agencies in order to prevent these kinds of accidents.

Unfortunately, despite these regulations, lives are still lost due to trucking accidents due to situations such as:

  • Sleepy drivers
  • Driver errors
  • Improper Cargo Loading
  • Inclement Weather
  • Poor Vehicle Maintenance

And in cases where the accident does not result in loss of life, it can often result in serious, lifelong injury. Consider the case of Donald Monroe, who lost his left leg after he swerved to avoid a tractor-trailer. Monroe also suffers from hip injuries that will last a lifetime. A Georgia jury awarded Monroe and his wife $21.6 million and found that Lane’s Equipment Rental, Inc. (the company who hired the truck driver involved in the accident) 99.9% at fault.

Thankfully, there is restitution and a path forward for accident victims like Monroe. At Marks Law Group, LLC we understand that life can take a dramatic turn in the split second it takes for a truck to swerve into your lane. We also understand how uncertain many accident victims and their families can feel after a crash involving a truck that was not their fault. At Marks Law Group, we can help you begin to pick up the pieces after a serious crash. We will carefully investigate and build your case meticulously. Call us today at 404-800-1625.

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