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Amazon Delivery Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Georgia

In the case where you and your loved one gets into an accident where you have been injured by a delivery driver you can get paid for damages. If you have painful injures, hefty medical bills, emotional trauma or any other way you could have suffered as a result of the accident you can recover.

As a result of frequent deliveries on the road, car accidents have been on the rise. After getting into a collision with an Amazon delivery van you can hire an Amazon delivery accident lawyer in Georgia to represent and help you recover losses you have suffered as a result of an accident.

If you have been through an Amazon car collision you do not need to go through the recovery process alone. You can seek help from a qualified personal injury attorney who can work on building your case. Most personal injury attorneys will take your case on a contingency basis and will only get compensated when you get paid. The expenses that you will incur after an accident can be huge and as a result you and your family can be left in debt. 

Steps To Take After an Amazon Delivery Accident

After you have been involved in an Amazon car accident the first thing that you should do is to quickly seek medical attention for any injuries that you might have to avoid your situation getting worse.

Here are some of the steps that a personal injury attorney might ask you to take after an accident in case you do decide to file a claim.

  • Take pictures and or videos of the scene of the accident.
  • If you have any visible injuries take pictures of them and take note of them as well.
  • Document symptoms that you have as a result of the accident which are not visible to the eye such as dizziness or headaches.
  • Gather the contact details and information from all the parties that were involved in the accident.
  • Collect information such as statements from witnesses that were present at the scene of the accident.
  • You should as well alert the authorities and file a report with them. Also, alert Amazon Logistics.

You should make sure to move swiftly and take action quickly. Broken glasses and skid marks that you can use as potential evidence can be removed from the scene of the accident quickly.  While the memories are still fresh you should write an account of what happened or what you remember during the accident. Having a written account will help you as you communicate with your attorney since you will be able to have a step-by-step account of how the events that led to the accident played out.

Who is Liable?

Amazon drivers mainly work for DSPs or what is known as Amazon delivery partner services. DSP’s are drivers and companies that have been hired out by Amazon as independent contractors. Because of this reason, there is still a question as to who is supposed to be held accountable for the accident and who should pay damages for the accident injuries.

The situation is complex and there are a lot of legalities when it comes to settling the claim. However, an experienced personal injury attorney can help sort out the details of your case and you will be able to obtain fair compensation.

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Factors Surrounding Amazon Truck Accident

Amazon delivery driver accidents are likely to involve a broad range of injuries and factors just like with any type of car accident. Even so, there are types of Amazon prime trucks that can make the accident more dangerous compared to other standard passenger vehicles.

One of the reasons why is because most Amazon vans and trucks are larger than your standard vehicle. The reason why is because they are filled with huge amounts of cargo and they are heavier. Due to how the vehicles are maneuvered they may at times appear out of nowhere. This happens often in the case where the driver is either speeding or dangerously driving the vehicle. As a result of the collision, death can occur.

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Some of the most common injuries and factors that are associated with Amazon delivery van accidents are as below:

  • Negligence by the driver reckless driving
  • DWI or DUI incidents
  • A speeding violation
  • Spine injury and traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Truck pedestrian accidents
  • Sudden lane changes
  • T-bone accidents. They mainly occur from stop sign violations and stoplight.
  • Whiplash that happen as a result of rear-end accidents

Who Takes The Fault for an Amazon Delivery Truck?

It is important for individuals to understand how Amazon Logistics work. Most drivers who make deliveries for Amazon are rarely Amazon employees. The majority of them are Amazon delivery service partners while others are independent contractors. Independent contractors have their own delivery trucks and they contract with Amazon delivery partner services so they can make deliveries on Amazon’s behalf.

When a person get’s injured by an Amazon delivery truck driver they generally cannot file an accident claim against any division of Amazon. Even though there is a legal doctrine that allows accident victims injured in a crush to hold employees or responsible parties liable for their negligent actions it does not work the same way for independent contractors since liability is not transferred to Amazon.

The good news is Amazon has a requirement that all of their contracted drivers should carry an Amazon Flex full collision coverage that is able to provide up to $1million of coverage in the case where an accident occurs when the driver is on the job. Due to this insurance coverage victims injured in an Amazon delivery truck wreck can be able to pursue compensation.

After obtaining injuries from an Amazon delivery truck accident you will be going against powerful companies when filing a third-party lawsuit you will need the help of a seasoned attorney. With the help of an experienced Decatur auto accident lawyer, you can get fully compensated for your losses.

How An Accident Attorney Can Help You

When you get injuries as a result of an accident caused by an Amazon delivery driver it can be a serious ordeal that can end up changing the life of an individual and even result in death. After suffering the loss you will need to be compensated. The compensation that you will get will depend on the circumstances of your case.

A personal Injury attorney can help you get damages for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Medical costs and medical expenses
  • Death
  • Lost income

You have a time limit in which you should file a personal injury claim. A Decatur personal injury lawyer from Marks law group can help you file your claim and give you legal advice. Give us a call at (678) 251-9309 and schedule your free initial consultation, we would like to help.  

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