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Accident involving Medical Transport Van Results in Death of Passenger

A recent accident has resulted in the death of a passenger riding in a medical transport van. The fatal accident resulted from the medical transport driver experiencing a health emergency, and serves as an illustration of the need for transportation companies to carefully screen and hire potential drivers.

Head-on accident kills woman

The recent accident occurred in Westland, Michigan. A medical transport van was carrying at least two passengers, including a 56-year-old woman. The van abruptly crossed the center lane of traffic while traveling along Wayne Road, where it collided head-on with a FedEx truck. The van’s driver, the 56-year-old woman, and the second passenger were all taken to the hospital with injuries resulting from the crash. Authorities later determined that the driver of the medical transport van crossed the center line because he suffered a stroke; he experienced a second stroke at the hospital, but was expected to survive. The second passenger also appeared to have suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately, the 56-year-old woman succumbed to the injuries she suffered in the crash.

Transport companies must screen drivers prior to hiring

Transportation companies have legal duties to hire drivers who are fit for the job. For instance, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires that all large commercial vehicle drivers undergo a thorough medical exam prior to being licensed. This exam screens applicants for conditions that could make them more likely to be involved in a serious crash, such as a condition that would cause a loss of consciousness or affect the driver’s vision. While drivers for medical transport companies aren’t always governed by the rules of the FMCSA, these companies still have a legal duty to carefully screen any drivers they hire. Like commercial drivers, medical transport vehicle drivers are on the road constantly, often carrying passengers in poor health who would be less likely to survive a serious crash. These companies should ensure that their drivers do not pose a safety risk to either their passengers or other drivers with whom they share the road.

Prior to hiring, the medical transport company should investigate whether a potential hire has a history of health conditions that would make them a threat to others on the road, such as a cardiac arrhythmia that could cause unconsciousness or stroke, or vision issues stemming from diabetes that could prevent them from identifying and avoiding hazards on the road. If these companies fail to investigate whether a new hire might pose a danger if hired to work as a driver, and that driver’s known condition causes them to be involved in a crash, then the medical transport company could face liability through a personal injury lawsuit for negligently screening that driver prior to hiring them.

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