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Conyers Car Accident Lawyer

The recovery process after a traumatic automobile accident can take months or even years. Some people will have to be on certain medications and treatments for the rest of their lives. While the victim is going through the recovery process, they are likely to face financial troubles as they cater to medical bills and expenses. Also, after an accident, their vehicle can get damaged, and they will have to buy another one or repair it.

In Conyers, car accidents top the chart for the reasons why individuals sustain severe injuries. There are car accident injuries that will not seem serious immediately after an accident but later develop into an ongoing condition that causes significant pain and suffering to the affected party. To seek treatment, the accident victim may have to spend thousands of dollars to cater to medical bills. If you have been in an unfortunate accident, you do not have to feel alone on your road to recovery. An experienced Conyers car accident lawyer can help you recover the funds you need to cater to injuries after a car crash.

At Marks law group, our Conyers accident attorneys have extensive experience and a proven track record of helping accident victims get fair compensation so they can have funds to aid in their recovery. Our aim is to help our clients get their lives back on track, and we are passionate about it. You can call us from your hospital bed or home, and we will come to you. Call (678) 251-9309 to talk to a compassionate car accident lawyer and schedule a free consultation with us.

Negligent Drivers in Conyers

Most of the traffic accidents that occur in Conyers are a result of negligent drivers. A negligent driver could be engaging in distracted driving by answering a phone call or text message or were drinking and driving at the time of the accident. These are instances that a driver or multiple drivers could have avoided and chosen to operate their vehicle correctly. There are other instances where a negligent driver is speeding or closely following the car ahead of them, resulting in an accident. Traffic police and relevant authorities will conduct a thorough motor vehicle accident investigation to determine the at-fault driver.

The negligent party or the at-fault party will be held liable for the damages caused to the accident victim. There are instances where it will not be clear who was responsible for the accident and where several parties will be responsible for the accident. You will have an easier time hiring an attorney by your side to argue your case successfully.

An attorney reviewing a cr accident claims

An attorney will offer you representation and defend your case. They will attempt to prove that you either were not responsible for the crash, and if you were, you played a minor role in causing the accident. They will prove that the defendant played a significant role in causing the accident. In Georgia, a percentage of blame will be allocated to both sides. The higher your percentage of fault, the less the compensation you will receive in a personal injury lawsuit.

How a Conyers Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Most accident victims think they do not need a car accident lawyer because the at-fault driver's insurance company will compensate them after an accident. This is not true. An insurance company is in business, and its aim is to make a profit. Their role after an accident occurs is to minimize the losses that they are likely to make in an accident claim. They will do this by minimizing the amount of money they pay in claims. An insurance company will not pay you a fair amount unless you demand it from them. There are common insurance company tactics used to prey on you so you can accept the lowest financial compensation possible.

  • Insurance adjusters can pretend to care about how you are doing and ask you how you are doing during your recovery process. They will then use the answer that you give them against you during the trial or while processing your claim in negotiations.
  • They will be quick to offer you cash. They know that you are in need and will try to exploit that. If you take the money they are offering you and find out later that your injuries cost far more than that, you cannot file a case against them.
  • They try to delay the case and wait until you are financially struggling and then make you an offer.
  • To avoid paying your claim, they will put the blame for the accident on you.

When an insurance company goes up against you, they have plenty of legal advice from numerous lawyers. Unfortunately, most victims do not know personal injury law or how most insurance companies operate. Without a personal injury lawyer, it will be hard for an accident victim to fight back. Having a personal injury attorney from a reputable personal injury law firm by your side can prompt an insurance company to make you a good offer.

How Much Compensation Will I Get From a Car Accident Claim?

Each personal injury claim varies, and the amount of monetary compensation you will get from your case will be different for another individual case. The circumstances of the accident and the injuries you have obtained will matter when calculating how much you are supposed to get in a personal injury case.

Conyers car accident lawyer

Here are some of the broad range of factors determining how much an injured client will get compensated after an accident lawsuit is finalized.

  • Your medical expenses
  • Car repair costs/property damage
  • Prescribed medication and treatment
  • Missed income during recovery
  • Emotional Distress

Individuals filing a wrongful death claim due to an accident or individuals who suffered a long-term injury or permanent disability resulting from an accident are likely to get highly compensated. Money will not bring your loved one back, neither will it bring your life back to normal after obtaining a permanent injury. Even so, it can help recover funeral costs and expenses that you spent on your treatment or the treatment of a loved hence you can recover financially. We want to be the ones to help you recover financially after an accident.

Fight the Allegations of Partial Fault

A personal injury lawyer will help you fight insurance companies to refute allegations that you were partially at fault. Insurance companies will try to pin the blame on you during the trial. It can reduce what is recoverable, barring from getting a fair settlement. An accident lawyer will work together with private investigators and gather evidence against the liable party that will help rule the final accident decision in your favor.

At Marks Law Group, we have the legal experience, in-depth understanding of the law, resources, and time to help you get a positive accident case verdict. Call our car accident law firm at (678) 251-9309 to schedule your no-obligation initial consultation so our auto accident lawyer can evaluate your case and answer your most pressing questions.

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