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Bus Accident Lawyer Atlanta

With dozens of riders simultaneously commuting to and from work, school, field trips and events, bus travel has become a popular way to connect with interests, institutions and necessities throughout the city of Atlanta. Because of the large numbers of people in their care, city, school and tour buses take extraordinary measures to provide safe and comfortable accommodations for their riders. Unfortunately, negligence knows no bounds when it comes to safety precautions, and when even one person is derelict in their duties, a bus accident is often the result, and the community at large suffers.

City Buses: Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

City buses provide an exceptional solution to transporting large numbers of people throughout the Atlanta community. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) has 554 buses in its fleet, which cover 91 bus routes and travels almost 26 million miles annually. With the rail passengers included, MARTA serves nearly half a million passengers each day.

Even with advancements in technology and clean fuel operation of the MARTA bus fleet, accidents remain an issue and can cause serious harm to passengers, pedestrians, passenger vehicles that share the road, and bicyclists throughout the city. The size of the bus, employing qualified drivers, and its mechanical upkeep can take a toll on the safety of the network, leaving negligence to take over and inflict harm. Our attorney group represents the people of Atlanta in their claims against MARTA when they have suffered an injury on the city’s bus line. Whether you were riding inside the bus, boarding or exiting, or simply in a bus accident as another vehicle, our lawyers are here to help you confront the municipal attorneys with a strategic approach to financial recovery.

School Bus Safety

Children require a special safety net as they traverse the world from an innocent viewpoint. When parents allow their children to board school buses every day with the expectation of a safe journey to and from school, field trips and outings, a bus accident can change their worlds entirely.

Every year approximately 24 school age children are killed in a school-transportation-related traffic crash. In the past decade, 56 school aged children who were killed in these accidents were between the ages five and seven, leaving their families devastated for decades that follow. Our attorneys understand that we cannot remove the pain of the accident, but as partners to our clients we are able to provide compassion, dedication and a straight forward approach to pursuing the financial damages that are incurred as a result of a bus accident.

Of the 26,000 annual school bus accident cases reported every year, nearly 10,000 children are injured as a result. These injuries range from scrapes, bruises and cuts to severe head trauma and broken bones. With the lack of safety precautions on the bus itself, including restraints and rails, small children are often tossed around in the event of an accident, causing serious injury to their small frames. When the driver or school bus maintenance team is negligent in their duties, children are hurt as a result, and our firm takes exception to this negligent behavior by working hard to hold the responsible party accountable for their recklessness.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a bus accident, either on or around a city bus or school bus, confronting the municipality responsible for your recovery may seem intimidating. Our attorneys are here to guide you through the legal process, and are experienced in filing a case against both the city and school board, as appropriate for our clients’ injuries. Contact our Atlanta bus accident attorneys today at 404-939-1485 for a free consultation to understand how we can help you recovery fully.

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