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Using public transit requires riders to place trust the system operators and employees with their physical safety, including their lives. When transit employees operate in unsafe ways, are not properly trained, or the vehicles used are not adequately maintained, serious injuries can occur.

If you or a loved one are injured while riding a public bus, school bus, or another transit vehicle in Georgia, the transit system may also be held responsible for damages in addition to any individual parties involved. In some cases, the city or county government that owns, or is responsible for overseeing, the system may also be held liable.

To make sure you receive the compensation that you need, you should be sure to contact our qualified bus accident attorneys right away. Keep reading to understand the different ways that our firm can help you get the support you are entitled to under the law.


Bus Accidents in Georgia: Who is Responsible?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ensures that laws are designed to protect bus riders—especially school bus riders—from other vehicles. Like all laws, they are not always followed by the masses. In addition, the dangers involved in entering, exiting, and riding buses also exist.

Safety hazards can include, but are not limited to:

  • Bus driver negligence, including impaired, reckless, inexperienced, or distracted driving;
  • Accidents where other vehicles/drivers are at fault;
  • Road conditions, including construction areas;
  • Defective equipment;
  • Weight distribution issues;
  • Lack of safety features, including rails and seatbelts;
  • Damaged bus interior, including uneven walkway segments, seats and stairs

Each time an individual enters a bus, there is a reasonable expectation of safety involved in their ride. Riders are completely vulnerable to the driver’s experience and judgment. When a bus accident does occur, and our clients are injured, we will approach each Atlanta bus accident case with a specialized focus on reconstructing the accident to ensure the proper party is held responsible.

Bus accidents in Atlanta can be extremely complicated. They require an experienced Atlanta bus accident lawyer to get to the bottom of the circumstances that caused the injury and identify the person who is responsible in order to submit the proper legal claim.

There may be many different parties involved. Injured riders should not try to go it alone. The transit system, bus driver, the city or county government involved, and the insurance carriers may all have their own attorneys trying to get information from you. Our experienced attorneys know the ins and outs of these types of cases and can deal with all of the different aspects for you, and ensure that you get all the compensation you should receive.

Recovery avenues can include pursuing the:

  • County government
  • Municipal government
  • School system
  • Private bus operator
  • Third-party vehicle owner who caused the crash
  • Bus maintenance company
  • Mechanical manufacturing company

At Marks Law Group, LLC, our Atlanta bus accident attorneys provide superior legal guidance, and will not be intimidated by the municipal or private operator, their insurance company, or legal representation when pursuing the best outcome available. Our clients need help, and we are here to deliver results for Atlanta bus accident victims without delay.

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