Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer

Atlanta has some of the most dangerous highways for large truck traffic, according to a recent study by the American Transportation Research Institute. With almost 200 large truck rollovers since 2001, the metro area has one of the worst records in the country for truck accidents and serious injuries.

Though many people blame driver negligence, research has shown that crowded, aging highways and poor road design are also chief contributors.

If you are a driver that has been in an Atlanta-area truck accident, or the driver of a vehicle that was involved in an accident with a tractor trailer, you need an attorney who understands the complexity of the laws that apply.

Atlanta truck accidents cause serious injuries

Because commercial semi-trailer trucks are so heavy, collisions involving them are much more likely to result in serious injury or death. The ATRI study found that rollover crashes involving commercial tractor trailers made up 50 percent of the fatal accidents involving these vehicles.

These trucks weigh up to thirty times more than a passenger vehicle, and their height and ground clearance can easily smash a smaller vehicle upon impact causing serious injuries.

Large trucks also require much longer stopping distance than personal cars, trucks, minivans and even passenger vehicles. The National Transportation Safety Board lists compromised braking capabilities, including a loaded trailer taking up to 40 percent longer to stop than a passenger car as a common trucking accident cause. Poorly maintained brakes, or slippery surfaces can extend these stopping times greatly, and cause devastating truck accidents in Atlanta and throughout the State of Georgia.


Overlapping state and federal laws

Unlike other auto accident claims, Atlanta truck accident cases are complex. Commercial carriers operate across the country and are governed by specific federal laws related to interstate commerce. There are also local and state laws that apply. At Marks Law Group, our truck accident lawyers understand the different legal standards that apply and know how to negotiate with out-of-town corporate commercial transport offices. We will make sure that the appropriate party is held responsible for the accident and pays for the resulting damage.

We have represented hundreds of Atlanta truck accident injury victims, and know exactly how these terrible accidents occur, including the driver’s negligence in:

  • Operating a truck in violation of the Federal Motor Carrier’s restrictions
  • Driving impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Failing to safety check his/her surroundings, including blind spots and signaling effectively
  • Loading the truck unsafely by surpassing weight limits or undermining security procedures
  • Speeding or driving recklessly
  • Operating a large truck with inexperience or lacking the proper training
  • Getting the proper vehicle maintenance when warning signs occur, or on schedule.

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