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Brain Injury Lawyers in Atlanta

When someone suffers from a brain injury, their entire life can be turned upside down, and so can that of their family and friends. Whether the injury occurred in an auto, bicycle or pedestrian accident, or even during a slip and fall scenario, the injured party will require immediate and long term care to ensure their physical, behavioral and emotional states are not at risk as a result. When this is necessary, medical bills can skyrocket, while lost wages suddenly add anxiety to anyone’s person, financial affairs. Our brain injury attorneys want to help you and your family recover from these

Causes and Complications of a Brain Injury

At The Marks Law Group, LLC, our Atlanta brain injury attorneys have represented a number of families who had their livelihoods disrupted by the negligence of another during an accident. Our personal approach to helping personal injury victims recover fully is unmatched in the Atlanta community, as our dedication to your successful financial recovery is only the beginning of your long journey. From the moment we begin pursuing the negligent party that caused your injury, you can begin to focus on your recovery without worrying about lost wages and medical bills.

The expenses that accompany these devastating injuries can cause severe financial and emotional stress. The facts are easily visible in the statistics provided from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • 1.7 Million: The number of people that sustain a traumatic brain injury each year in the United States. Of that number, 52,000 die and 275,000 are hospitalized, and 1,365,000 are treated in emergency rooms.
  • 30.5%: Number of all injury-related deaths in the United States caused by a traumatic brain injury.

The main causes of these cases are:

  • 35%: Falls
  • 18%: Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • 16.5%: Stuck by/Against
  • 10% Assault
  • 21% Other (Sports, Combat, Explosions)

The Costs Associated with a Brain Injury

The direct and indirect medical costs of traumatic brain injury cases, including lost productivity, totaled an estimated $75 billion in a single year in the United States. Brain injury patients differ in their medical needs, long term care and rehabilitation levels in every capacity. What this injury means to you and your family can mean something completely different to another, and so can the extent of your injuries. The cost of these injuries is not only financial, but emotional as well.

The symptoms associated with a brain injuries — mild to severe — can include:

  • Memory Loss
  • Headaches
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Loss of Consciousness
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Mood Swings
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Blurred Vision
  • Dizziness/Loss of Balance
  • Confusion

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident that exhibits any of the aforementioned symptoms, it is important to seek medical care immediately, if you have not already been assessed for these difficulties after your accident. It is also important that you share these findings with our attorney group, so we can pursue the negligent party who caused your injury for the proper financial recovery that includes the extended care and time off work necessary to treat a brain injury fully.

Our attorney group provides free consultation to help brain injury victims realize the full extent of their rights and the compensation levels they can pursue from the negligent party in order to ensure that their health and well-being is not compromised because of their accident. Contact our Atlanta brain injury attorneys today at 404-939-1485 to discuss your case in its entirety, and understand how we can help you.

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