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Atlanta Crime Victim Injury Lawyer

An Atlanta crime victim injury lawyer can help you fight for financial compensation and justice if you or a loved one suffered physical injuries or property damage because of negligent security on another person's premises.

Our Atlanta negligent security lawyers can help you get financial compensation if you were injured, or a loved one has died because of inadequate security on someone else’s premises. Negligent security occurs when a person sustains an injury because of a crime or violent action, including a violent assault, sexual assault, robbery, or rape, on property that was not properly protected. The resulting bodily injuries can be fatal, and so a criminal attack may also cause death.

If you or a loved one are a crime or violent act victim, you can receive monetary compensation for both your economic damages and non-economic losses through a negligent security claim. Although Georgia laws and processes for recovering financial damages are complicated, the negligent security attorneys at the Marks Law Group know the system and laws and will fight for damages that will cover the payment for expenses you incurred, such as medical expenses, rehabilitation bills, lost wages from work, and property damage, and for your pain and suffering from the physical injuries and emotional distress of the accident. Call our personal injury law firm today for a free, no-obligation consultation at 404-939-1485.

When Do You Need a Crime Victim Attorney in Decatur, Georgia?

Many people assume they'll never be crime victims or need to be represented by a crime victim injury attorney. Unfortunately, most people became crime victims daily. For instance, in 2017 alone, there were over 35,000 violent crimes in Georgia. Regrettably, many of these violent attacks and crimes could have been prevented. Further, most of these violent crimes occurred only because a property owner or business owner didn't take enough safety measures to keep their premises safe, despite knowing about ongoing criminal activity around the premises.

Often, victims of violent crime suffer catastrophic and permanent emotional and physical injuries. These injuries can be fatal and life-changing. At Marks Law Group, our goal is to help victims of violent crime get the fair compensation they deserve from negligent businesses and property owners to cover their medical costs, property damage, pain and suffering, lost income, and other financial losses.

An injured woman meeting with an attorney.

Violent crime lawsuits are difficult and complicated. That's because businesses and property owners and their insurance companies often try to blame the criminals who committed the crimes and, sometimes, even the victims. This means insurance companies will stop at nothing to avoid paying for the harm caused by the at-fault party's negligence. Thus, it's essential that you hire an experienced attorney who has proven they know how to represent crime victims successfully.

Here are a few types of crimes cases an experienced Atlanta crime victim attorney can help you with:

  • Aggravated assault and murder;
  • Assaults at restaurants, stores, shopping malls, and apartment complexes;
  • Assaults at concerts, bars, and sports venues;
  • Violent attacks in streets or parking lots;
  • Robberies, home invasion, and burglaries;
  • Sexual assaults and rapes;
  • Police officers using excessive force; and
  • Stabbings and shootings.

How Long Does it Take to Get Crime Victims Compensation?

It takes 1-2 months for the Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program (CVCP) to give out compensation payments to crime victims. Once you've submitted your compensation claim and it's approved, wait up to four weeks for payment before making a follow-up. How much each crime victim may receive from the program depends on the services required and their unique situation. The Crime Victim Compensation Program covers:

  • $15,000 in medical costs;
  • $10,000 in lost income and financial support in cases involving domestic violence
  • $6,000 in funeral expenses
  • $3,000 for counseling services; and
  • $1,500 in violent crime scene clean-up. 

What is the Statute of Limitation on Violent Criminal Charges?

The time limit for most criminal charges in four years, and in misdemeanors, it's two years. In cases of violent crimes, such as sexual assault, rape, murder, violent assault, armed robbery, and battery, the time limit to file a personal injury claim varies or doesn’t exist at all. For example, for the felony charge of rape, the time limit is typically 15 years. But if the rape victim was under the age of 18 at the time of the crime, it becomes complicated.

In severe criminal charges where DNA is used to uncover the crime, the statute of limitations doesn't exist at all and these crimes may be prosecuted at any time. Examples of these exceptions include aggravated child molestation, aggravated sexual battery, armed robbery, and kidnapping. 

What Damages Can I Recover After Being a Victim of Violent Crime?

The purpose of tort law is monetary compensation. Compensatory damages are monetary damages awarded to the plaintiff t compensate them for their financial losses and to the injured person whole. The system isn't perfect because life and freedom from pain can't be restored. However, compensatory damages attempt to place the victim of crime in the same relative position that he or she was in before the personal injury through financial compensation. Financial compensation is categorized as either general damages or special damages.

General Damages

General damages referred to non-economic damages, such as damages for mental anguish, pain and suffering, or disfigurement, all of which have no specific, itemized dollar value. The jury determines the monetary value of general damages, and so jury verdicts are inconsistent. A broken ankle in one personal injury case could be worth $20,000 in pain and suffering. In another case, it could be worth $150,000. Thus, it's essential to note that jury verdicts and financial settlements vary widely, even for the same bodily injury. The variance is because of the individual injured party, the jurors at the trial, and the effectiveness of the injured person’s personal injury attorney.

Special Damages

Special damages referred to economic losses, including lost income, medical bills, or the cost of hiring household help, all of which have a specific itemized dollar value. These damages are easy to determine or calculate and once you get the necessary records, you can prove you incurred the expenses. However, it's essential to note that only medical expenses “proximately caused” by the violent crime itself can be recovered. Also, it's essential to note that proximate cause is often highly contested.

Punitive Damages for Physical Injuries Caused by Negligent Conduct

In tort actions, there may be aggravating scenarios that may warrant the awarding or imposing of additional financial damages known as punitive damages. When punitive damages are authorized, they aren't imposed as compensation to the injured person but solely to punish and deter the responsible person from engaging in similar negligent behavior in the future. To receive punitive damages, the victim and their personal injury attorney must prove that the at-fault party’s actions showed willful misconduct, fraud, malice, oppression, wantonness, or that entire want of care that would raise the presumption of reckless disregard of safety.

How Can I Hire the Right Crime Victim Injury Lawyers in Atlanta?

Hiring a crime victim lawyer is one of the most crucial financial decisions a victim of crime can ever make. There are many lawyers who hold themselves out as “experts” who have never tried a personal injury case or even settled a case involving catastrophic injuries. Thus, it's crucial that you ask any prospective attorney about their legal experience with personal injury lawsuits, specifically concerning the personal injuries that you suffered.

Atlanta Crime Victim Injury Lawyer

If you are ready to hire a personal injury lawyer attorney, click here to complete our personal injury contact form. If we accept your personal injury case, it will be on a contingency fee basis. This means that you don't have to pay anything upfront, you'll only pay us if we win your crime victim injury case. However, it's essential to note that we only accept cases involving significant physical or emotional injuries. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact our Decatur law office today at 404-939-1485.

Crime victims aren't helpless. They can fight back by seeking to hold their attackers, and all other at-fault parties legally accountable for the emotional trauma, physical injuries, and other financial damages they have suffered. If you or a loved one is the victim of a homicide, sexual assault, or other violent attacks, our defense team is ready to investigate what happened and to advise you on whether negligent or inadequate security played a role in allowing the crime to occur.

We have the expertise and resources needed to investigate and pursue civil claims against hotel franchises, security companies, apartment complex owners, retailers, shopping mall operators, concert sponsors, nightclub owners, and other businesses that provide inadequate or negligent security to their patrons, employees, or tenants. These circumstances need to be investigated as soon as possible, so contact our law firm immediately if you want effective legal representation from a skilled Georgia crime victim injury attorney.

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