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East Point Car Accident Lawyer

Suffering from an injury that was not your fault in East Point is not the end, you have options. You can hire an East Point car accident lawyer to help you recover money that you have spent of medical bills, time you have lost from work, and prescriptions. If as an injured party you are wondering what you should do first after suffering from a car accident injury talking to a personal injury lawyer should be top of your to-do list after an accident.

Marks Law Group is the personal injury law firm that you need to work on your case. For years our East Point personal injury lawyers have devoted our time in the legal justice system helping with our clients' lawsuits after they have been injured as the result of a car accident. We take on tough cases that most law firms would back away from. Our experienced injury law firm approach to insurance companies that do not want to give fair compensation is tough and aggressive.

Our aim is to make sure that our clients recover after a rough experience after an accident. Don’t make an assumption about your case before you visit our personal injury attorneys. Schedule your free consultation to tell our East Point personal injury attorneys about your injury during our complimentary case review and determine if you have a valid claim. Give a compassionate accident attorney a call at (678) 251-9309 and let us take it from there!

Common Causes of Car Accidents

In the US the common causes of personal injury are car and automobile accidents. Most of the time the negligent, distracted, and reckless behavior of a driver is what creates the conditions for a disastrous collision.

There are a variety of reasons why car accidents occur. Here are some of the common reasons why motor vehicle accidents occur;

Drowsy Driving

You risk falling asleep behind the wheel if you are driving while being drowsy. When you lose consciousness when you are behind the wheels the driver driving it can swerve into other lanes. The driver can end up causing damage to public property their own vehicle or harming themselves even if there is no oncoming traffic.

Aside from falling asleep behind the wheel, a driver who is fatigued's critical thinking skills and special awareness are low or non-existent. When a driver lacks critical thinking skills an automobile collision is likely to occur resulting in a severe accident. Most of the people that are at risk of drowsy driving work late night and early morning shifts. If you were involved in an accident as a result of a drowsy driver you may be eligible to get a complete settlement.

Here are some of the other common factors that result in different forms of collisions on the road;

  • Drunk and Drug-Impaired Driving
  • Speeding
  • Texting and driving or operating a portable electronic device while driving
  • Harassment and acts of road rage
  • Hazardous road conditions

How do I Know I Have Valid Car Accident Claim in East Point?

If the injury or accident damage that you have obtained after an accident is a result of another person's careless actions then you have a case. Sadly, accident victims that have been injured as a result of an accident think that they caused the injury or it was just bad luck that resulted in them getting into a car accident. However, that is not how the law works.

East Point car accident lawyer

According to the law, most of the accidents that have happened were a result of an individual’s negligence. Even though the person did not have meant to hurt an accident victim they did not live up to the legal responsibility or care of duty that they had. As a result of reckless driving insurance companies and or the person negligent has to pay for damages and injuries incurred by the accident victim.

We can represent you in different accident cases:

  • Car accidents
  •  Pedestrians and motorcycle accidents
  • drunk driving accidents
  • defective tire accident

Almost all types of injuries can result in a valid personal injury claim and an experienced car accident attorney can help you get a successful outcome. Get in touch for a free case review and let us help you discover if you have a case.

Mistakes to Avoid After Getting Injured

Injuries are different and while some minor injuries will heal quickly there are injuries such as traumatic brain injuries that will take time to heal or remain with you forever. No matter the injury that you have obtained after an accident it can result in you having to incur huge medical bills. Here are some of the things that you do not want to do after obtaining an injury.

Signing Any Paperwork from Insurance Companies

After an injury, it is common for an insurance company to offer you money. It can seem helpful at first if you are going through a hard time trying to pay the bills but you’ll realize that most insurance companies have hidden motives. They offer you the money so you don’t have to file a claim against them and they will end up profiting from the situation. That money that they offer you quickly in that situation where you are desperate is most likely worth less than what you should receive.

However, if you go ahead and take the money that they are offering you, you will end up signing away your rights to take legal action claim so you can get a favorable outcome in the future. Before you take a cheque, give the insurance company your statement, or even sign any paperwork it would be best to talk to an experienced accident injury attorney.

Not Meeting With a Lawyer

Do not avoid talking to a lawyer. Talking to a lawyer is the best way to financially protect yourself after a car accident injury. Aside from telling you if you have a claim a lawyer will have a better understanding of how insurance companies operate and they will prepare you on what to expect. A lawyer can help get you a fair settlement instead of you depending on an insurance company.

Review Your Case With an East Point Car Accident Lawyer

At Marks Law Group we are invested in helping accident victims get financial recovery from extensive damages from a reckless driving accident as they go through a speedy recovery. If you have incurred life-altering accidents injuries our experienced accident attorney can talk to you during a free consultation and you can tell us all about your injuries and we’ll understand how it all happened. Give us a call at (678) 251-9309 or fill out the forms and let us get started!

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