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Transport Company Found Liable for Death of Developmentally-Delayed Passenger

By Aaron Marks |

After the choking death of an unattended passenger with severe intellectual disabilities, a transit company will be forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the deceased person’s family. The victim was Robbie McKenzie, a 56-year- old man who lived in a group home in Lynchburg, Virginia. On the day of the accident,… Read More »

DUI Attorney Andrew R. Lynch

By Aaron Marks |

I wanted to take a moment and congratulate and refer my clients to Attorney Andrew R. Lynch.  Andrew and I have worked together on many cases in the past. Andrew was just recognized as Super Lawyer, Rising Star 2016  for his work in litigating plaintiff’s personal injury cases and defending persons charged with crimes, DUI,… Read More »

Non-Emergency Medical Transport Radio Interview

By Aaron Marks |

Recently I had the pleasure of discussing Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) with fellow attorneys Stephen D. Apolinsky, Sarah R. Watchko, Jeffrey S. Warncke, and Nathan E. Woody. Stephen D. Apolinsky deals with NEMT in the context of nursing home abuse. When Mr. Aplolinsky investigates whether nursing home abuse has occurred he examines who the patients caretakers are, up to… Read More »

Convicted Murderer Drives Colorado NEMT Patients

By Aaron Marks |

Ronald Vashone-Caruso, a convicted murderer out on supervised release, transported Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) patients until an allegedly harassed patient complained to the Colorado Department of Corrections. Mr. Vashone-Caruso was not terminated for his behavior or criminal history, but rather his insurance had lapsed, making him ineligible under Colorado law. NEMT is the transportation of elderly, sick or disabled… Read More »

Texas NEMT Lacked Criminal Background and Drug Tests – Results in $31Million of Improper Payments

By Aaron Marks |

The Office of Inspector General (OIG)  recommended Texas return $31 million in improper reimbursements related to its non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) program. Texas, like all states that administer Medicaid, applied for reimbursement from the federal government for providing eligible Medicaid beneficiaries transportation if they have no other options and a medical reason for the transportation exists. Unfortunately… Read More »

Woman Killed By Sleeping NEMT Driver

By Aaron Marks |

On Saturday, Mar 9, 2013, NEMT provider SCR Medical Transportation picked up  Ella Mae Williams, 58, an insulin dependent diabetic who required a wheelchair, to take her to Malcom X College, where she was working toward a degree in Business Administration. Tragically, the driver of the van fell asleep while transporting Ms. Williams and hit a pole,… Read More »

Non-Emergency Medical Transport Business Denied

By Aaron Marks |

Recently  the  Mobile City Council denied TLT Transport LLC a license to operate Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services in the city of Mobile, Alabama. The stated reason was lack of a written partnership agreement between TLT and the local ambulance service, and failure to have a physical presence in the city itself. While these requirements may seem like unnecessary, bureaucratic paperwork,… Read More »

Truck Accidents Are Dangerous and Costly

By Aaron Marks |

I always grip the steering wheel a bit tighter when a big rig truck comes barreling along next to me on the highway. And for good reason – as a personal injury attorney, I know that truck accidents can be deadly. According to a report released earlier this year, more than 3,700 people died… Read More »

Another Walmart Law Suit

By Aaron Marks |

Sometime later this month, Dekalb County Superior Court Judge Tangela Barrie is expected to rule on whether Good Growth Dekalb, a local group opposing the new Wal-Mart store in Decatur, GA, can proceed with their lawsuit against the county for failing to follow its own zoning rules. What would a new big box store… Read More »

Five Things to Know if You Are Injured at Wal-Mart

By Aaron Marks |

I am a personal injury attorney in Decatur, Georgia and I have successfully handled cases against many national retailers. If you are injured in a Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club store, here are five things you should know. 1. Many people are injured at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is the biggest retailer in the United States and,… Read More »

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