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Police Probe Woman’s Death From Minor NEMT Collision

An 85-year-old woman died  after a non-emergency medical transport van was involved in a minor collision, according to the Indio, California Police Department. It is unknown at this time whether the woman was properly strapped into her seat, or what, if any, precautions the Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) company took to safely transport her. Because the NEMT company was transporting the woman for hire the company is held to the highest standard of care for her safety and well being.

Increasingly NEMT companies, unless being required to by broker-agreement or statute, are not training their employees to safely transport patients, which is resulting in catastrophic injuries and deaths. Additionally, NEMT companies have to combat driver fatigue, where the drivers and other employees have delayed, and often mistaken, decision making abilities.

Because this was a minor collision, and it appears no other passenger, driver, or employee was injured, the woman’s death raises serious questions as to how the NEMT transported their patient.

The Marks Law Group Helps Permanently Injured Client

Recently, the Marks Law Group, LLC secured a significant victory for a client in a disputed slip and fall case against a major national retailer.

The client, a married mother of two young boys, was permanently injured when she slipped in a puddle of water on the floor of a retail store in the Atlanta area. She fell down and sustained serious damage to her back. Store employees knew of the leaking water fountain earlier that day, but failed to fix the fountain, clear the area, or warn people of the water on the floor. Read Full Article

Nearly 2,500 day care programs in Georgia have failed their children

The AJC published a frightening article on January 22, 2012, detailing the many failures Georgia’s office of Department of Early Care and Learning has failed to rectify with state daycare centers. The entire article can be found here:

It is easier to view how your favorite restaurant did on its latest health inspection than how your daycare provider complied with national and state regulations. One provider has incurred 191 violations in the past three years, and it is still open, caring for children.

Suspect’s fractured jaw leads to county lawsuit

A Lithonia man, arrested last year on a drug possession charge, is suing DeKalb County after receiving a fractured jaw in a police car accident. But a judge’s ruling last week would keep key evidence from a jury.

On May 15, 2010, DeKalb County Police officer Junior Lamont Stephens arrested Earnest Corbett, of Lithonia, on an outstanding Newton County warrant for possession of marijuana. According to the lawsuit and police department documents, Corbett was handcuffed and placed into the police vehicle without being fastened into a seatbelt. Read Full Article

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